Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We are in Tobago! Last night I wrote a blog post on my new website and then couldn't figure out how to work it (my husband doesn't get here until Friday and I am not ashamed to say that he does the technology in this family; I handle social interactions and directions). The post is lost. I think I said I chose to bring the kids to Tobago because, A: My daughter had a very demanding kindergarten year and I wanted her to fully experience the down time that summer is supposed to be. B: Do you have any idea what it costs to send two kids to camp in Brooklyn? Thousands. C: My children have truly begun to think that a Trinidadian accent is something mom uses when she's pissed off, so there's supposed to be a "roots and culture" component to our adventure.

In the scant 48 hours we've been here my 6yo daughter has tanned to a shade of brown close to mine; she spends every second in the pool or the ocean; my 3yo boy, a natural explorer, is allowed to roam around the grounds out of my sight and unsupervised (if you've ever seen this boy endlessly walk the perimeter of our small, fenced-in Brooklyn playground, you understand why this is noteworthy). The kids have helped released leatherback turtle hatchlings into the Caribbean Sea, been startled to silence by the loudest goat ever, noticed that the Bare-Eyed Thrush sounds exactly like a wounded cat, and decided that naked is truly the way nature intended us to be.

Only one moment has given me pause. On our first night, fulfilling a promise to Helen that she could get into the pool at whatever hour we arrived at the Villa, I saw the fattest frog squatting on the rail. I understand he might have been hunting for bugs, but really I think he was just put here on earth to test me. I hate frogs.

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  1. That pic of Mason is priceless, and the sofa's already covered with stickers. Can't wait to join you! - Grey